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2011 Tour de France

Stay at Domaine des Etoiles and experience the thrill and spectacle of the Tour de France the world's biggest cycling race.

It is a 3000km, 22-day, 20-stage road race. The race is broken into stages from one town to another, each of which is an individual race. The time taken to complete each stage becomes a cumulative total to decide the outright winner at the end of the Tour. Even if you don't participate in or even follow cycling events it is worth going to watch a stage of this event just for the experience!

Three of the 21 stages are accessible from Domaine des Etoiles

Friday 15 July
Stage 13 Pau to Lourdes 156 km - Terrain Mountains

Saturday 16 July
Stage 14 Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille 168 km - Terrain Mountains

Sunday 17 July
Stage 15 Limoux to Montpellier 187 km -Terrain level

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