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White Water Rafting Canoeing and Canyoning

The Aude river starts its journey at the Pyrenees mountain lake of Matemale, and flows past Carcassonne and Narbonne into the Mediterranean.

Domaine des Etoiles is just 45 minutes from the most popular section of the Aude river around the small town of Quillan, this part of the river provides the excitement of white water, without the danger of the hair-raising near vertical drops of the gorge sections further up stream. Quillan is built on either side of the Aude and right in the centre of the town there is a 600m national canoeing slalom course which is set up all year round. If you have enough adrenalin pumping around your body and don't need to engage in extreme sports for pleasure it is still interesting to spend a few minutes just watching from the river bank.

If you are looking for a holiday adventure the 'La forge' centre at Quillan offers guided white water rafting trips or canoeing outings lasting from 75 minutes upwards so it is a great way to try the sport without having to buy all the equipment.

If you aspire to be an adrenaline junkie the sport of Canyoning could be for you. It appears to the uninitiated to be white water canoeing without the canoe! It typically involves jumping into and swimming across mountain rock pools and sliding down waterfalls with only a wet suit between enjoyment and disaster. An easy introduction to canyoning (if there can be such a thing) is offered at about 30 per person. For the more advanced, there are 'sporting Canyoning trips' and custom day trips. To book see our Links page.

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