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Steve is not a fishing expert, but apparently fishing (angling) in the area around Domaine Des Etoiles is excellent thanks to the variety of fish species living in the many rivers, streams, lakes and salt-water lakes (etangs) - guests have returned from fishing trips with trout and eels and everything in between. The BBQ by the swimming pool is a great place to cook your catch and Steve has lots of recipes just in case the Ryanair baggage allowance prevented you from bringing Jamie Oliver with you!

As with almost everything in France, there is some paperwork involved! You have to have a fishing permit to fish (Carte de Pêche Vacances). It's valid between June 1st and September 30th. You can also buy daily or weekly licences at newsagents (tabacs) and from fishing and hunting suppliers. You will need a passport size photograph for your permit so it is a good idea to bring a couple with you to save time. The permits come in the form of stamps, which are fixed to a permit card. These cards are then valid across two thirds of France.

The costs are approximately:
10 Euros for a daily permit on certain monitored areas of water (see below)
30 Euros for a holiday permit (15 consecutive days between June and September) for all category 1 and 2 water
47 Euros for an annual permit for category 2 (16 Euros for annual renewal)
59 Euros for an annual permit for categories 1 and 2 (28 Euros for annual renewal)
24 Euros for a child permit (age under 16) - (10 Euros for annual renewal)

Some rivers and lakes are protected - and there are some species that can only be fished at certain times of year. Fishing is forbidden at night (30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise), with some exceptions for carp within 50m of a lock or hydroelectric plant and there is a long list of prohibited electrical and mechanical devices baits, and nets etc.

For a relaxed day out and some good fishing, Lac de Montbel is only a 30 minute drive from Domaine des Etoiles. It is one of the largest of the inland lakes in the Midi Pyrénées covering an area of over 1500 acres. Overnight carp fishing is allowed. If you are only interested in fishing for carp you should ask for "Une carte de pech pour la carpe uniquement, s'il vous plait," when buying your license, this makes it clear that you are fishing purely for carp and you will be charged accordingly.

Here are some other suggestions for day fishing trips listed by department.

Le lac de la Cavayère, Laprade, Le Lampy, Cennes-Monestiers, Arques, Jouarres, Saint-Ferréol, Régembert, La Ganguise, and the River Aude is a class 2 trout river.
Fédération de l'Aude pour la Pêche, Tel: 04 68 25 16 03

Lake Salagou, le barrage des Olivettes, Lake Avène, La Raviège, l'Hérault river, Orb river (at Cessenon), L'Agoût, Le Vidourle.
Federation de l'Herault pour pa peche. Tel: 04 67 96 98 55

Le lac du barrage de l'Agly, le lac de barrage du Lanoux
Fédération des Pyrénées Orientales pour la Pêche, Tel: 04 68 66 88 38

Here is a list of fish that can be found locally - if you find others please let Steve know and we will add them to the list.

Black Bass
Crucian Carp
Common Carp
Common Trout
Longnose Sucker
Arctic Charr
Common Perch
Sun Perch
River Salmon
Sea Trout
Rainbow Trout

Sportfish have been recommended by guests and are now the fishing shop of choice for local French fishermen because they offer fishing equipment at such competative prices. If you purchase by following this link you won't pay any extra but Steve will get a small commission which helps towards the cost of maintaining this web site.

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