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visit Australia in Carcassonne

visit Australia in Carcassonne

Activities for all the family

"If the children are happy everyone is happy", so here are some suggestions for a stress free day out.

Le Moulin à Papier
11390 Brousses et Villaret
open 365 days per year.
Tel 04 68 26 74 67 43
An ancient wind powered paper mill 45 minutes from Domaine des Etoiles
More information on
Moulin du Verger

Grotte de Limousis
11600 Limousis
open 01/03 to 30/11
Tel 04 68 26 14 20
A cave system 45 minutes from Domaine des Etoiles
More information on
Grotte de Limousis

Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine
11160 Cabrespine
open 01/02to 30/11
Tel 04 68 26 14 22
One of the worlds biggest cave systems 1 hour from Domaine des Etoiles
More information on
Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine

Le Moulin à Vent
11160 Villeneuve-Minervois
open 01/04 to 30/09
Tel 04 68 26 57 56
A flour mill with play area and shop1 hour from Domaine des Etoiles.
Please see the website (in English) for details and opening times.
Le Moulin a Vent

Jardin aux Plantes La Bouichère
11300 Limoux
open 01/05 to 31/10
Tel 04 68 31 49 94
A garden where children are allowed to touch the flowers and turn summersaults on the grass if they wish, 20 minutes from Domaine des Etoiles.
La Bouchere

Le Labyrinthe Vert
11500 Nébias
This is a sign posted walk around a ruined wind mill set on a limestone pavement, it's advisable (and enjoyable) to take a pick nick as there are no facilities. Only 40 minutes from Domaine des Etoiles. Have a look at the website (in English), for more details.
Le Labyrinthe Vert

Chateau de Chalabre
11230 Chalarbre
open spring and summer holidays
Tel 04 68 67 37 85
This castle is a favourite with dads and small boys. Watch jousting, try on armour and be a Knight for a day. Only 30 minutes from Domaine des Etoiles.
Chateau Chalabre

Le Musée des Dinosaures
Avenue de la Gare
11260 Espéraza
Open all year
04 68 74 02 08
The Aude valley has been inhabited by some very big animals. Find out more at this museum. If you are mad about dinosaurs you could join DINOSAURIA.More information about the museum and the club on the website (in English)
Musée Dinosaures

Near the village of Belesta
This is a small cave on the roadside, famous for its 'intermittent spring' - when the water is low it is possible to enter the cave over stepping stones across the stream, then without warning the flow increases to cover the stones and block off your exit! Fortunately the problem is only temporary as the spring returns to normal over a 10-15 minute period before repeating the whole thing 20 minutes later. Great for children, you can almost set your watch by its cycle during Summer months, there is a café just across the road with public toilets - just as well with all that running water!

Le Parc Australien
Take a trip to Australia without the trauma of being on a plane for 24 hours. This is a safari type park at Carcassonne designed to walk around rather than drive.Open every day from 10.30, guided tour available at 11.00. Snacks and drinks available.
Le Parc Australien

Follow this link for more suggestions from the Carcassonne Tourist Office

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